Disabled Ramp

A school near Guildford required a wheelchair access ramp to get to the play area. We had to design the ramp to achieve this so that it complied with all regulations regarding gradients and turning platforms. Nine inch wide walls were built, the ramps were block paved and powder coated rails installed. We also built some concrete steps running up to the same play area.

Astro Turf

Large courtyard garden within a school which has been transformed into an all weather Astro area.  This area is open to all school children and previously was covered in bark but when it rained all the mud and bark was trampled into the corridors of the school.  The permanent maintenance free solution was to put down Astro Turf and subsequently the school has become much cleaner and tideland we have now been contacted to undertake further Astro transformations within the school.

More Astro Turf

This area within the school was decked with a composite board but the paint had come away and it all looked unsightly and we were commissioned to cover it in Astro turf.  Due to the firmness of the deck surface we added some underlay under the Astroturf which gave the whole area a certain bounce.

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Hinchley Wood Scool – New Outdoor Eating Area

Our remit was to create an outdoor area for the kids to eat their lunch using a Brindle Block paved area. We worked around the canopy plus we laid the turf and the result has added a new dimension to the luchtime dining experience. This has allowed the kids to eat their lunch on benches placed on a hard surface rather than a grass area. It also has allowed the school to provide a further entertainment area for parents and pupils alike.

School Bumps

Hinchley Wood School in Esher requested a ramp to slow down traffic and it also needed to allow disabled access. Therefore the ramp needed to be at threshold level and hence the ramp is quite a statement, which effectively slows down the traffic!

Long Jump Runways for Secondary School

Our remit was to refurbish the long jump runways which were in a state of disrepair. The pit had been refurbished the year before but the runways were not fit for purpose. After a weeks worth of hard work we restored them to their former glory and seed the the soil to eventually create a lovely grass area between the two runways.