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Construction Projects

Block Paving at School

Notre Dame school in Cobham required over 500 square metres of block paving installed around their senior school. Area dug out to a depth of 150mm and then scalpings brought in and compacted down. The blocks were then laid on a screeded bed of sharp sand.

Builders out Landscapers in

This project saw the builders leave the garden in total turmoil and after initial consultation we provided a detailed design which the client was very happy to implement. The remit was to provide a large grass area for football with entertaining areas, storage areas and new driveway. The pictures detail the process and the final outcome which everyone was pleased with.

Busbridge Block Paving

As the area was a strange shape we suggested that we should use an octagonal block paving design which would radiate away from an orginal chunk of bargate stone which was found at the house. The area was first excavated to a depth of 150mm and then scalpings were brought in and compacted down before sharp sand was brought in. The blocks were laid on a layer of sharp sand and then compacted down before kiln dried sand was brushed into the gaps. The client wanted the futuristic planters made out of marine ply and then sprayed with silver paint. We also created the steps leading to the front door and going up through the sloping garden.

Fetcham project

The garden had not been touched for 30 years and we were tasked with with turning it into a user friendly space with a number of entertaining areas. Extensive foundations were put down and construction followed a detailed plan which included a number of large planters, 3 patio areas, 2 shed areas, a couple of pergolas and a sweeping brick pathway. Large beds were created and 2 lawn areas created. This was all framed off with close board and post and rail fencing. The finished garden provided a stunning space to enable enjoyment for years to come.

Gravel driveway construction using Nida gravel system

We were required to install a gravel system using a plastic honeycomb system which enables the gravel to stay in place rather than be pushed out of the driveway. We chose the Nida honeycomb system as they are the market leader in this country plus their product appeared to be the most robust. The construction process involved digging out the area to a depth of 250mm, laying down a membrane and then putting down 200mm of hardcore. Granite sett edges were then laid in concrete to provide the shape of the driveway. The Nida plastic trays were then laid on a thin bed of sand and then the gravel poured in. The end result is an excellent driveway with the gravel crucially staying n place, and also stops cars from wheel spinning which is often the case on conventional gravel drives especially those on slopes.

Larch Wood Deck on an Incline

The requirement for this project was to build a deck area on sloping ground which would encompass 3 large seating areas plus a series of raised beds. The decks were to wrap around the house. The first few pics show the team laying out the site and digging out various areas where the wood would be sitting. As the client did not have a set plan for the project he left it up to us to devise a strategy as to how to get the deck to flow around the house. From a small deck at the top we created a number of stairs leading down to the large middle deck which also had a bench seat which was incorporated into the plan to retain a bank of soil. There was also a smaller deck running off which had access to a compost area. From this deck we created 2 staircases which were separated by sleeper beds. The use of the French Oak sleepers certainly gives the whole construction a feeling of solid chunkiness and suggests a construction that is here to stay. This leads down to a third deck area and long steps finish it off. The deck itself was constructed of larch wood timber and the boards were 2 inches thick by 6 inches wide. This type of wood is almost double the normal width for a deck board and certainly gives the construction a feeling of solidness.

Patio and Wall in Leatherhead

Client required a new patio once an extension had been done. Patio had to come out 8 metres and therefore 20 tonnes of hardcore was brought in and compacted down and then a 9 inch wall was built with weep holes to allow water to be released. The patio was created with a curve which tied it into an existing wall and a semi circular bay window. Therefore the walls were also curved. Steps lead down to the garden and we incorporated a series of brick lights in the wall.

Shepherds Lane Patio

Remit was to create a patio to replace an existing old and worn patio and shed. Client wanted to make the garden accessible and safe for the kids so we created a series of steps going down to the grass area and to add interest we offset the steps to create a small ‘l’ shape.

Sleeper Wall and Paths

A sloping garden which we cut out and retained the soil using reclaimed sleepers. Note we built a seat in the middle of the wall and above the wall we laid turf. A pathway was created up the side of the garden and gravel laid on a scalping base with the sleepers retaining the gravel. Clients office was at the top of the garden and so the path was essential.

Tree House – Bespoke

We were asked to build a tree house in a large Willow tree and due to the height had to builld a seperate platform to break up the levels. The construction involved cutting around the large branches ensuring that nothing was attached to the tree itself. 2 large posts were concreted into the ground to add stability and allow the platform to be formed. The sides and roof were made from feather edge and the platform was formed from decking.

Walsh Primary School

Walsh Primary School in Ash needed to have a disabled access ramp built up to their play area. The ramp needed to be DDA compliant with no more than a 12 % gradient in the ramp. To achieve this and to get up to the desired height we had to build a long ramp at 12 metres, then a flat platform followed by a further 12 metre platform. The ramp also had DDA compliant railings which we powder coated. Overall the ramp linked the playground and play area beautifully and has allowed access to all children.