Planting and Turfing

We can advise you on soft landscaping and include this in the scope of the design and build project, or we can offer a discreet planting or turfing service or planting plans for new or existing borders.

Our teams will carefully prepare the soil in accordance with the type of plants selected. These may be annuals, perennials, ornamental grasses, bulbs, trees, wildflower meadows, turf or your favourite shrubs. Our designer will work closely with you on plant selection to ensure the correct plants are chosen to complement the design and brief. Local nurseries are used to supply high quality plants to give your garden the best start.

Artificial grass can be very effective in some gardens. We install quality artificial grass and work with a few suppliers that we know can be relied on. We will offer you advice and samples on the type of artificial grass to select.

If you would like to keep your plants watered with no hassle, then an irrigation system is worth considering. We can discuss and the pros and cons of the different systems and select and install the best irrigation system for your project.