We are experienced in building lots of different styles of wall, including attractive flint and stone walls.

Some Walls we Built Previously

Flint Wall

The clients remit was to build a flintstone retaining wall at the front of the house to be in keeping with the common theme to houses in east Horsley. As it was on the main road we had to install traffic lights and then dig out the foundations and put new kerb stones in. We used knap flints and finished off the wall with ridge tiles. We also had a brick detail in the middle of the wall as many of the surrounding walls had this.

Abbots York Stone Wall

Extension was put on the back of the house and our remit was to create a retaining wall and steps using York stone walling. We had to shift 30 tonnes of soil and then create the wall. The result is a natural wall close to the house and steps leading up to the terraced lawn areas which we also created.

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